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Build the world’s most valuable DAOs

We help the most ambitious communities to launch & scale their DAO.

Why Origami?

We're the rocket fuel for your DAO

Expert Safety & Compliance

We templatized the venture DAO model that we pioneered with Orange DAO - backed by the nation's leading DAO lawyers.

DAO Funding

We helped Orange DAO raise over $30M in funding by partnering with L1 protocols.

Reliable DAO Operations

We built a new model for DAO governance focused on regular cadences. Our DAO Ops playbooks bring together our combined knowledge for highly-engaged DAOs.

Community Validation

We have fast-track partnerships with a number of industry leaders. If your DAO is an Origami DAO, you get special access to deals & listings.

Token Economy Launchpad

Coming soon.

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We've spent almost $250K on lawyers, but we still don't know how to get started.”

Customer - before using Origami

DAO Launch Steps


We help you structure your community, implement our Discord best practices, and finalize your DAO charter.


Assistance with pre-token elections, charter signing, token issuance, and funding.


After Season 0, your DAO should be fully self-sustaining. We're available to help as advisors for the life of your DAO.

Origami DAOs


We are a group of humans with a shared goal


Ben Huh


YC S17, Orange DAO, Crisis DAO, Cheezburger


Matt Voska


YC S14, Orange DAO, Bannerman


Johnny Chin


YC S14, Orange DAO, Bannerman


Stephen Caudill


YC S16, Orange DAO, Suiteness

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